The Nike Air Max 90 name has become a true style classic in 30 years. To this day, sneakers remains one of the favorites not only for older generation sneakerheads, but also for the young ones. We continue our exploration of the iconic silhouette and introduce some more noteworthy moments from the history of the AM90.

The story of the Air Max 90 began with running, but their top was reached as a lifestyle shoes. Here you can see their first advertisements listing the advantages for runners - a soft airbag, impact protection and stability.

The first colorway of the sneakers was the legendary Infrared. Then, the shoes still had the name Air Max III, and the current name of Nike Air Max 90 was changed only in the 2000.



In 1992, a special version of the Nike Air Max 90 sneaker was given to then US President Geroge H.W. Bush, with whom he often ran. The shoes were decorated with the colors of the president's flag, and the standard Air Max inscription was replaced by a tribute to the head of state, Air Pres.

A lot of interesting things were presented in the anniversary year of 2020. A special collection has been released to honor workers from various cities around the world - New York firefighters, Paris bakers, London postal workers, Tokyo builders and Shanghai delivery service workers.



The highlight of the anniversary is the redesigned Nike Air Max. The Nike Air Max 2090 casual shoes are a designer look at the legendary silhouette from a future perspective. Inspired by future travel, style, and even cars, leisure shoes are dedicated to the modern and creative style of these days.

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