Already missing basketball? We too! Movies about the sport we all love will help dispel sadness and quarantine routine. We have 5 great movies for yo and now is the perfect time to remember them, and for those who haven‘t seen, it will be a great discovery.

Glory Road, 2006. Based on real facts, the film will tell the inspirational story of a 1966 black-only University of Texas team who participated in the NCAA Championship and at the same time had to contend with the racism that was prevalent in sports at the time. A must see!

White Men Can't Jump, 1992. A True Legend! In the movie, you'll see two well-known actors - Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Two street basketball players unites to deceive their opponents and tackle the challenges of life - family issues, debts and lack of money. Comedy is considered one of the best basketball movies.

He got game, 1998. In the movie, directed by the famous Spike Lee, you‘ll see a lot of famous names - Denzel Washington, Milla Jovovich, and even former NBA sharpshooter Ray Allen. The story tells about a very promising young basketball player, Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen), who is deciding on the future of his career while his father, who is temporarily released from prison, has his own goals.

Coach Carter, 2005. Another story based on true events. Former Richmond basketball team player Ken Carter returns to school as a coach. Here he finds many young people prone to crime but not giving up and tries to build a solid team ready to fight hard in life and in basketball court.

Hoosiers 1986. The film tells the story of a difficult work of basketball coach. A mysterious past coach is trying to lead small town of Indiana basketball team to a new and victorious life.

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