Stylish design and protection from the elements – it’s a lethal combo! Nike Xarr men’s shoes are a great companion for your Autumn activities.

Don’t let the size of these bad boys trick you. Once you’re in, the comfy feeling of warmth and mobility will blow you away. A true sneaker head will also appreciate the fact, that these shoes are a great alternative for the season’s wet conditions. And don’t be surprised by a sudden increase of random glimpses at your feet. Nike Xarr are as flashy as they are classy. So, are you ready to beat extreme weather elements in style?

Water-resistant leather upper and a rubber outsole provide the ultimate protection from wet conditions. A gusseted tongue offers snug support and innovative shoe sole pattern helps navigating safely through the meanest and messiest Autumn trails. As the appearance goes, exaggerated midsole and outsole have levels of different rubber for visual interest, and a stylized tongue cover creates a unique appearance and vibe. Informal, casual or formal – the Nike Xarr shoes will boost your appearance with extra style points.

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