The release of the Air Jordan XXXIV gives us access into one of the most innovative and forward-thinking shoes that we have ever seen. While the Jordan brand is rooted in tradition and history, the shoe itself is modern and is set up perfectly to serve some of the biggest stars in the game loyally. The modern design paired with safety, support, and performance aspects makes it one of the most well-balanced shoes that we have ever seen. The Air Jordan line of basketball shoes has long been one of the most iconic lines of apparel in the world and nothing appears to have changed with the release of the Jordan 34. The Jordan line is well-poised to remain the front running shoe for the next generation of athletes.

Interesting information

Coming in at 13.1 ounces, the Jordan 34 represents one of the lightest shoes that the Jordan line has ever rolled out to its users. The lightweight design has always been a staple, but this model takes it to new heights. It provides a balanced shoe that enhances performance and won’t drag athletes down as they reach new heights and perform to the best of their abilities.

Each show will have the number 23 portrayed in Morse code on the shoe, unique marks on the colorways, and a tribute to the anniversary of the Jordan 4 inscribed on the outsole. This shoe has all the makings of a traditional Jordan shoe while also featuring some of the latest technology in basketball shoes.

Rising Stars 

The Jordan brand of basketball shoes, with this model, aims to pass the baton of basketball legacy onto a new generation of athletes that it sees as the next great group of players. Notable players in this young group include Jayson Tatum, Rui Hachimura, and Zion Williamson. With the longstanding reputation of the Jordan brand, paired with the exciting promotion of young stars, Jordan is well-poised to be the shoe of choice for yet another generation of athletes.

Innovative Technology

Throughout the years, Jordan has been able to seamlessly integrate the values of traditional basketball with the technology that is now available to the top athletes in the world. According to the Jordan brand and the designer of the Air Jordan 34, the goal with this Jordan shoe is to improve the traction that athletes can get while using the shoe and also reducing the weight of the shoe to optimize performance and reduce drag. For this, they targeted athletes in the league that are playing a high level of basketball and tend to play "above the rim". This means that they play a game that involves a lot of jumping and attacking the rim. For these athletes, the goal of the shoe is to make them more explosive and effective at what they do best.

To achieve this, Air Jordan 34 uses some innovative strategies and elements in their shoes. One such example is the Eclipse Plate. Some variations of the Eclipse plate have been included in Jordan shoes in the past, with one example being the Flight Plate. The Eclipse Plate aims to include the benefits of the Flight Plate, which is a longstanding technology that is universally liked by players who use Jordan shoes. The Eclipse plate also helps to reduce stiffness and reduce the weight of the shoe.

Outstanding attention has been paid to each small detail of the Air Jordan 34, with hundreds of tests being run and an amazing amount of physics knowledge being poured into the shoe. Since the stakes are so high, the Jordan team has worked very hard to develop a shoe that can help the modern NBA basketball player to succeed while also giving them a shoe that they are comfortable with and won't have a problem using gon the court.


At the bottom of the Air Jordan XXXIV, you will find even more innovation and technology in the form of a herringbone traction pattern. This pattern is designed to give the maximum amount of traction possible. This technology was developed after the gathering of millions of different data points and determining what the modern athlete needs from their shoe in order to have a better shot at competing.

Aside from the flash features of this shoe and the various technologies that it has to offer, there are also more elements that provide buyers with confidence that their purchase will be protected. Jordan shoes are made from some of the highest-quality materials out there and provide athletes and individuals with a beacon of durability and dependability.

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