30 years of fame and still counting. The footprints of Nike Air Max 90 in the history and culture of sneakers are very bright and the world's most prominent celebrities also contributes its popularity. In their shoe rotation, the Nike Air Max 90 silhouette certainly is not in the last place, and there are even those who play basketball with these. Let's take a look at how famous celebrities wear legendary sneakers.

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Rap and hip-hop musicians are some of the most active players in the culture of sneakers. Many of them collect sneakers and owns an impressive number of pairs of shoes. One of the most prominent sneakerheads in this category is Drake. Mostly Canadian can be seen with Jordan shoes, but he also pays tribute to the legendary Air Max 90.


Rapper T.I. - a big fan of the Air Max shoes. He loved Nike since his childhood days.

Usher and Nike Air Max 90.

Two prominent women of the music scene, Rihanna and Rita Ora, are also fans of this legendary silhouette.

Before becoming one of the most prominent faces of the adidas company, Kanye West took to the street with the Air Max 90.

The young Euphoria star Zendaya is also choosing the Nike Air Max 90. This is further proof that these shoes still owns the streets even after 30 years.

Emily Ratajkowski often chooses classic sneaker silhouettes for her leisure time.

NBA basketball players often arrive in the arena dressed in extraordinary clothing before the match, but most of the time, everyone's eyes go to their feet, where we often see the Nike Air Max 90.

Nike Air Max 90 was introduced to the world as a running shoe, after that followed a step into the world of style and fashion. It seems that Thabo Sefolosha is ready to prove that these shoes are great for basketball and for the past few years on the court he has only been only with Nike Air Max 90. "I think the Air Max 90 has excellent grip and is extremely comfortable and allows me to play intensively" Thabo told.

NBA sneaker king P.J. Tucker also follows this example. 

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