In 2008 Nike released the first Hyperdunk series shoes for basketball - at that time the hype of rival crackdown return of the US team in the Olympics in Beijing was used, along with Kobe Bryant in the front. This was the first step in the Hyperdunk series that has laid the foundations and made this Nike product an integral part of the basketball world. We invite you to get acquainted with the evolution of Hyperdunk series and interesting facts!



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Nike Hyperdunk (2008)

  • The first Nike Hyperdunk was introduced in 2008 and became the first basketball shoe that uses Flywire technology and Lunar foam.
  • In the 2004 Olympics, the US stars team had to content bronze medals, so they took Beijing Olympic games in 2008 seriously - it was the the premiere of the Hyperdunk series.
  • After the Olympics, a video appeared, in which Kobe Bryant joking with the Jackass company and jumping over the Aston Martin car and pool full of snakes with Hyperdunk shoes, which caused great cravings and interest.



Nike Hypermax (2009)

  • The success of Hyperdunk led Nike in 2009 to launch Hypermax Basketball shoes. The addition of an ankle strap and sole with Air Max technology have further strengthened the position of this series.



Hyperdunk 2010 and Air Max Hyperdunk 2010

  • In the summer of 2010, the Nike World Basketball Festival was held in New York, where Hyperdunk 2010 was presented.
  • Hyperdunk 2010 became the world's championship shoes and represented the countries that participated in it.
  • With Hyperdunk 2010 Dirk Nowitzki has won his only NBA Championship title. Also, the Air Max Hyperdunk version was released, which was intended for bigger basketball players. The version of Air Max Hyperdunk 2010 was worn by players such as LaMarcus Aldridge and Carlos Boozer.






Hyperdunk 2011 and Nike Air Max Hyperdunk 2011

  • Hyperdunk 2011 was appreciated by Blake Griffin - one of the most powerful NBA forwards.
  • For 2011 NBA's All-Star Weekend Nike Hyperdunk 2011 model 10.0 was released for Griffin.
  • Nike Air Max Hyperdunk 2011 represents the versatility and dynamism that impelled Chris Bosh.



Hyperdunk 2012

  • The face of Nike Hyperdunk 2012 model has become LeBron James. This model is also known as Lunar Hyperdunk and Hyperdunk +.
  • This is the first basketball model that can be synced to the Nike+ app.
  • During the 2012 Olympic Games, LeBron James launched the Hyperdunk 2012 boots, and his stats and figures, such as jump height or steps, were publicly announced to the Nike + community.



Hyperdunk 2013

  • Hyperdunk 2013 debuted on WNBA rookie Elena Delle Donne's foot.
  • Kyrie Irving was the most prominent representative of Hyperdunk 2013. The green and yellow Hyperdunk 2013 shoes were released, representing the roots and early life of this basketball player in Australia.



Hyperdunk 2014

  • Face of the Hyperdunk 2014 became Paul George.
  • Also released four versions of the shoes that have given respect to cities with rich basketball history - New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Chicago.



Hyperdunk 2015

  • Together with the Hyperdunk 2015 shoes, were released color versions that represented four cities - Paris, Beijing, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.
  • The Nike Hyperdunk 2015 image of the futuristic image was inspired by the Nike Mag series of shoes created for the movie "Back to the Future."


Hyperdunk 2016

  • The Hyperdunk 2016 inspired by the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  • Also released a model designed to mark the dominance of the U.S. women's team, which began at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
  • A special version was released in honor of Elena Delle Donne, WNBA League MVP.



Hyperdunk 2017

  • The Hyperdunk series used React technology for the first time.
  • The version of "Tale of two cities" refers to the importance of basketball for the city of Los Angeles.
  • Face of Hyperdunk 2017 has become Draymond Green, chosen for his versatility.


Hyperdunk X

Hyperdunk X have improved Flywire system that ensures foot stability, controls its attachment and, at the same time, does not restrict freedom of movement.

Nike along with several versions of this model, ready to pay homage to the United States and one of the country's most famous female basketball coaches - Sandra Kay Yow.

Red, blue and white Hyperdunk X stands for US. Perhaps this Nike solution can be considered a token of respect for the 2008 United States national team returning to the Olympos of the basketball? Then Beijing's Dream Team with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmel Anthony and other stars beaten up their opponents and won all eight games.

Also, shoes with a black and pink color palette will be released. They will be dedicated to the legendary US basketball trainer, Sandra Kay Yow. She has trained North Carolina University Girls' Team for 24 years and was included in James Naismith's Basketball Hall of Fame.