At all times, athletes who dominates or vice versa were linked with interesting nicknames - we present 10 more athletes who more often called by nickname than the real name.

Meet 10 more athletes who have interesting nicknames that havo born in extraordinary circumstances.

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Have you heard of the legendary Kevin Garnett's nickname "The Big Ticket"? When the big man was playing in Minnesota, he was called the only reason to buy a ticket to the Timberwolves match.

Andrey Kirilenko was usually called the short name AK-47, which means a gun. Interestingly, this nickname is not just a combination of the first name and surname letters. The basketball player comes from the city of Izhevsk, which has been producing these machine guns since 1948. Of course, this surname was great way to describe his performance on the the court.

Most of career Iker Casillas was playing for Real Madrid team. Because of his impressive game he got nickname of "The Saint".

Marcin Gortat had a great moments in his NBA career. Strong center is still called "The Polish Hammer". Also we can guess, that hammer tattoo on his shoulder had an important role here. 

Although Fernando Torres is no longer a young man, a football player has a very young look. Because of this feature in Spain he is called "The Kid" (El Nino in Spanish).

The current coach of AC Milan team Gennaro Gatusso was aggressive and tough football player - because of that he was called "Pitbul".

Gary Payton was the defence guy. In 1996 he was even recognized as the best defending NBA player. The guard was so attached to the opponents that he was called "The Glove".

The legendary Liverpool club captain, Steven Gerrard, was called "The British Bulldog" at his best time, but at the end of his career, one episode for a football player and team supporters cost a lot - in a match against London Chelsea, the footballer slipped and lost the ball. After this rough mistake, the opponents scored a goal and destroyed Liverpool's hopes of winning the league. After that Gerrard earned not the most pleasant nickname "Slippy G".

The wizard Leonel Messi has a very interesting nickname "The Atomic Flea". Leo Messi's abilities are known to everyone - because of his actions damage for the opponents defence Argentinean got this nickname.

The name of Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez is probably less known than Isco. The young Real Madrid star's shirt is marked with this name, which means "little magician" in Spanish.

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