Basketball is a universal language, loved and respected throughout the world. This is evidenced by the impressive and casual basketball courts found in various parts of the world - get acquainted with them!






Over the roofs of the Old Town built basketball court in the Adriatic pearl called Dubrovnik city would fascinate even indifferent to the sport! View of the Adriatic Sea and the Old Town is a real basketball player's dream!


The 3D basketball court in Munich, which breaks down the standards, is a young artists' project.


Colorful and eye-catching basketball court squeezed in multi-storey buildings found in Paris, in the Rue Duperré district. In 2009 this court founded by Nike together with the fashion brand Pigalle.


One more basketball court with spectacular surroundings is found in San Pedro, California. The Pacific Ocean and the Santa Catalina Island on the horizon leaves no one indifferent!


David Crombie Park, named after Mayor of the City of 1972-1978, was founded in Toronto in 2010. Imagine the summer evenings here and on the sun above the skyscrapers in the horizon - you would like to play here until the late night!


In San Francisco, a basketball court on a multi-storey building roof was used for filming movie „The Pursuit of Happyness“ with Will Smith.


In 2015 James LeBron visited the basketball court and his fans in Taguig, suburb of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. On this occasion, the square was decorated with the image of the NBA star.


In which of these courts you would like to play?

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