Kyrie Irving's sixth signature sneaker will continue to tell stories and bring interesting facts from the basketball player’s personal life. Kyrie uses his line of shoes as an excellent opportunity to present his colorful personality.

"My identity has never been defined by the hardwood and it never will," says Irving. "It’s really is defined by the philanthropy that I do, the interactions that I have with other human beings — by treating them with compassion — and being empathetic to who they are." - Kyrie said.

Nike Kyrie 6 basketball shoes will blend details from Irving's past and solutions dedicated to modern basketball.

Anyone who has seen what Kyrie does on the pitch will agree that he is an extraordinary player with no boundaries. By watching Irving’s game often, we might call it a performance because it is full of drama and action, and culmination is ungrateful for those assigned the task of stopping Irving. Based on these obvious aspects of Kyrie's game, Nike's designers created his sixth signature shoes to make them an even more powerful tool for implementing its dynamic style of play.

"We've built a lot of trust over the last three shoes. I know what Kyrie wants from an overall feel. There is a certain formula: an extra-padded tongue, almost Nike SB style, and a cushy collar, combined with support in the midfoot." says designer Benjamin Nethongkome.

The Nike Kyrie 6 will give you lower-to-the-court feel and the 360 degrees grip. The aforementioned foot anchoring will be taken care of by the strap in the middle part of the shoe. This detail is also a reminder of the '90s basketball shoe trends.

Irving's latest shoes are not only functional but also stylish and playful in many ways. The Nike Kyrie 5 shoes were adorned with mysterious elements, and with the sixth model, the line continues. On these shoes, we will see a significant element of Hamsa's hand – this symbol covers the heel of the shoes. Hamsa is the blessed hand of the Goddess who protects against failure and brings happiness. Kyrie also has a tattoo of this symbol on his shoulder.

There will be a new release of a special Nike Kyrie 6 Preheat collection that will be dominated by number 11. Why 11? Kyrie has a special connection to this number. His father, Drederick Irving, wore the number 11 shirt. Kyrie himself wore this number at school and represented the Celtics and Nets. In this set (1 + 1), Irving discovers the symbolism of harmony. Also, the letter K is the 11th letter of the English alphabet, and the name of the basketball player contains 11 letters. We can continue this magic of numbers, with Kyrie playing 11 games for Duke University, being drafted to the NBA in the first round with the first pick (1 + 1), and reaching the 11,000 points in the NBA mark on March 11. Fascinating, right?

The Preheat Collection will be comprised of 11 different colorways of Nike Kyrie 6, with each of them representing different cities like - Beijing, Berlin, Guangzhou, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Miami, New York, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

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