Recently, Nike has introduced Adapt BB shoes for basketball, which are controlled by smart technology. Puma company takes respone and also delivers smart shoes.

The German company confirms its position not only by completing the list of celebrities representing the brand, but also by using the latest technology. Introducing the Puma FI (Fit Intelligence) model, which will bring footwear to a new level.

The first step in smart sneakers age is training shoes - they are for sport in the gym and for short-distance running. Puma FI has a micromotor on its tongue that controls the unique cable system. The process of managing it should be quite common for us - to get the shoes tightened or vice versa, you just have to swipe your finger up or down. Ordinary day in the office, yeah?

Due to the sensitive sensors the shoes will adjust individually to each foot. Puma FI will also be controlled with mobile phone app or smart watch, which should be very convenient at the peak of sports.

These smart boots have been designed for a generation which lives with technology and appreciates their impact to their daily routine. "We have created a product that is the future of sport," said Charles Johnson, Director of Innovation at Puma.

Consumers will also get a special board for charging. It is said that the battery will be charged for an hour and will last for a week.

It is planned that the shoes will be released in the spring of 2020, and by then they will be tested by a group of 20 tech-savvy people, including five-time F-1 champion Lewis Hamilton. The cost of shoes should be around $330.

Future development of Fit Intelligence technology is planned not only for sports products, but also for leisure.

Stylish Puma sneakers for You ➡ 

Stylish Puma sneakers for You ➡