Inspired by legends of the past, created for future style trends. At the end of 2019 Puma introduced the Rider pack. Puma Future Rider and the Puma Style Rider silhouettes were inspired by the Puma Fast Rider, released in the 1980s. At that time runners became extremely popular and were considered as one of the most comfortable and innovative shoes on the market. The birth of Fast Rider coincided with the rise of street style, when running shoes were crossing the streetwear line.

Almost after 40 years Rider returns to the streets. Changed, refreshed and ready to hit the glamorous turns of your style journey! Both Puma Future Rider and Puma Style Rider retain classic company-style accents that have been restored using modern technologies and even more durable materials.

The Rider duo take to the streets with a very clear vision and mission - to spread the positive vibe! The style of the shoes speaks for itself and flails that it's time to dive into adventures. Powerful and bold accents, unrestricted lines here finds the peace together with the iconic Puma Retro style. This combination creates a dynamic and highly playful design.

The Puma Future Rider and Puma Style Rider sneakers are dedicated to the boundless street style of today and the colorful and energetic personalities that expresses it every day. Be sharp and noticeable and make your own style rules with Puma!

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