New Balance company was founded in Boston by British immigrant William Riley in 1906. It may sound a bit unbelievable, but the main source of inspiration for it was the chicken leg - three fingers that gave the bird a perfect balance. The New Balance was the first shoe with three support points. Until these days company principally manufactures a large number of sneakers in the US and the UK and presents them to the world with "Made In USA" or "Made In UK" tags. For over a hundred years, New Balance has become a worldwide recognized and beloved brand, appreciated not only by athletes but also by fans of style. Today, let's remember three classic style silhouettes that are unforgettable until these days: the New Balance 997, New Balance 452 and New Balance X-90.

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Originally New Balance 997 were released in 1991 and became extremely popular and appreciated for its classic style and comfort. In 2019 New Balance decided to revive classic silhouette for the new life and released two updated versions – New Balance 997H and New Balance 997 Sport. Updated sneakers were complemented by the GCEVA technology insole that will make sure that your feet will be happy after every single step!

The shoes are extremely lightweight and will become a great companion for every day - even after the longest day you will feel comfortable. And let's not forget – you will always look stylish!

New Balance 452 is a casual sneaker inspired by 90's style aesthetics and sneakerhead. The style cycle is spinning, but the bright 90s are constantly at the center of it. So, if you are missing the bright style of this period or looking for sneakers that will become an important part of your unique outfit - grab these sneakers from the Retro dad-shoes category!

Meet another trendy silhouette from the 90‘s - the New Balance X-90. You can easily match these classic kicks with your outfit - their minimalist design is perfect for every day and do not forget about the exclusive comfort of New Balance shoes!

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