Damian Lillard with the adidas company on the same side of the barricade has been standing since the debut in the NBA in 2012. In the beginning of 2019, the fifth basketball nominal basketball shoe adidas Dame 5 was introduced.

The shoes were built in the style of the Lillard game - he plays like a rocket on the court a needed shoes that provide comfort, stability and more than strong grip.

Ultimate control - in life and in the court. These are essential features and aspirations of Damian Lillard's personality - adidas has tried to create a pair of shoes for the basketball player to withstand the pace he has dictated, something that most of his opponents fails to do.

The newest model of the series introduces the personality of the basketball player and invites you to know more about him - each version tells a different story and reveals new details about one of the brightest guards of the league.

The People’s Champ version is dedicated to honoring the basketball player's hobby of the box that he often does being free from basketball. Black color are complemented by red accents - it's easy to recognize that they are the colors of Portland's Trail Blazers. The People's Champ symbolizes the simple and friendly personality of the basketball player, for which he is so loved by fans.

All Skate silhouette takes us to Oakland - the place where Damian Lillard is from. This version about the childhood of the basketball player - as he grew up, skateboarding was extremely popular. NBA star did not escape from skateboarding and it is one of his favorite attraction until these days.

Last seconds of the game is ticking. Ball and clutch is in Lillard's hands. We have seen this scenario more than once and we know how it ends usually. He has the real cold-bloodedness and the ability to pull the victory through his individual efforts. It is this part of Lillard's personality collage that is presented by YKWTII, which means "You Know What Time It Is" and honors the signature celebration of Lillard - after the game-winning buzzer beater he fingers to the the wrist and shows that it is his time to shine.

The designers, by creating adidas Dame 5, emphasized strong grip, as the basketball player moves a lot and in all directions - both in defense and offense. The cushion pad is filled with Bounce foam, which will take care of the comfort of the feet and the impact on them.

The upper part of the sgoes was made of very lightweight materials for lower weight of shoes. Comfort will be guaranteed by padded collar and inner cushioning. There is also a special plastic block on the outside of the shoe, at the center of the shoe, which is designed to lock in the foot.

The newest Lillard shoes you will find HERE ➡ 

The newest Lillard shoes you will find HERE ➡