The name Timberland is well known to most of us. Or at least you have heard of it! As the weather outside cools down and temperatures continue to fall, we are seeing more and more classic Timberland boots on the streets, and this trend hasn’t changed over time. The company’s history with over 45 is full of interesting twists and facts.

The first Timberland boots saw the world in 1973 – they were introduced by Sidney Swartz, a member of a shoe makers family. At that time, it would have been difficult to say that these shoes will become a revolution and a style icon.

Waterproof and durable shoes were designed for hard-working New England people and relied on functionality, not fashion. The production process consisted of 80 individual steps, and it used 39 different components. Have you ever heard how waterproof shoes were tested back in the days? In the early 1970s, leather boots were left overnight in the factory toilets to make sure they won’t get wet. Don't be frightened, this practice is a thing of the past, for the present production process has nothing to do with testing with the toilets!

Sidney Swartz sought to create a product that could be a base for a company and also wanted boots to be unusual and not afraid of the harsh New Hampshire winter and wet weather conditions. And now we can bravely say - he succeeded! "The production of shoes made of leather and resistant to water was considered absurd - everyone thought it was a completely meaningless idea," Swartz said, recalling his first ideas.

The shoes quickly became popular and began to spread around the world. The first international sale took place when Italian gentleman came to Swartz and asked for 600 pairs of Timberland shoes - amazed, but satisfied so the American accepted the offer and thought that he will never see the Italian again. Two months later, the same Italian came back and asked for more Timberland shoes, because he sold everything.

Timberland boots was then spread to Europe and became a "Made in USA" symbol and a guarantor of quality. In Asia they were an expression of individuality, while in America itself, the shoes were used from shipbuilders to university students.

The wave of its popularity has boomed since the nineties, when hip-hop and NBA celebrities started wearing Timberland shoes - Notorious B.I.G., DMX, Shaquille O’Neal and others. This period has become a break, and the shoes have become a true street style sensation, and its popularity still spills over to this day – as we can see stars like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, Drake or Rihanna rocking Timberland's.

The sustained style and uniqueness made the shoe a favorite amongst different styles and age groups - they are both beloved by children and adults.

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