Rapper Travis Scott is a true ambassador of his hometown. In addition to the Astroworld festival, the celebrity gives tribute to Houston in other forms as well. One of them is his signature sneakers.

Travis Scott's Air Jordan 4 casual sneakers were released at the beginning of 2018, and it was inspired by the NFL Oilers team that represented Houston from 1960 to 1996. A sign of respect for the former city team was expressed through blue dressing and minimal white and red accents of the sneakers.

Last month's launch of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 boots was a real explosion – there were thousands eagerly awaiting, but very few were lucky to have purchased the shoes. All the sneakers were sold out in just a few minutes.

After such a bomb, another rapper's collaboration with Nike was unveiled and introduced. This time, Scott's Air Force 1 pays homage for Missouri City, a small town in Texas state where his grandmother lived. Travis had spent a lot of time during his childhood over there and often helped out with farm work – that’s why workwear gear became a source of inspiration for the latest rapper’s shoes.

They combined a wide variety of materials - corduroy, duck canvas, flannel, leather, suede and wool. All of these materials evoked Travis' memories of his childhood farm work, and he came up with the idea of combining them all into a seamless combination for today's street style outfit. This variety of materials embodies the very playful image of the shoe, which is quite unusual as Travis Scott's collaborations have often been dominated by a single master tone. The fun doesn't stop there – there are also camouflage patterns on the boots, and the most common Air Force 1 design will be modified by a zippered hood.

A special footwear-style details are devoted to the mentioned childhood location and both shoes are decorated with gold-colored clips. One of the covered inscription MC, which stands for Missouri City, and the other will be the abbreviation TX for the State of Texas.

The news of Scott's Air Force 1 brand names was circulated back in April last year, when the rapper gave one of his fans an unseen pair of shoes during the annual Made in America festival in Philadelphia.

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Conquer the streets with the stylish sneakers ➡️ SHOP