These days, without sneakers, life would be quite different - would not you be surprised to not see a lot of people on the street with Nike, Adidas or New Balance shoes? Brands has become the world's largest selling companies, and sneakers are simply wiped not only from store shelves, but also cosmic shopping amount online. And from what did it all began?

The term "sneakers" can be linked to the American Henry Nelson McKinney - the advertising agent promoted it in 1917. The shoes wealthy people were playing tennis with he called sneakers. Over time, this term has spread - just like the shoes that have become increasingly popular in the masses.

After the First World War, there was a huge interest in the sport in the United States. It was greatly encouraged by the start of mass production of shoes and their affordable prices. Chuck Taylor's release of the shoes  for basketball was the start of the modern sneakers era.

The prehistory could be said for a very long time, but the most important action began in the 1970s - first of all, there was a huge running boom in America. This has contributed to the country's runners' victories and more than 25 million people joined - there were many events dedicated to this sport, books were written about the running, and even televised attention showed up. Also, this period was marked by the disappearance of the shoes functions - they became no longer just for basketball, tennis or running. Shoes became part of fashion and style.

Another rise took place in the 1970s, when the shoes became part of cultural expressions and self-expression for black-skinned society, strongly influenced by basketball and hip-hop music. An explosion occurred in 1984 when Michael Jordan signed a deal with Nike and after a year Air Jordan was released, which until now remains star of street-style. The popularity of the sneakers was also inspired by the RUN-DMC group, which in 1986 even dedicated song for sneakers - "My adidas."

Having started as a subculture, over time it became a mass culture and has infected the whole world - the cult of sneakers has grown to this day, and the end has not been seen. This is evidenced by celebrity contracts, big numbers of branded nominal shoes and an abundance of fans all over the world.