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Nike Shox R4 GS

Not all the sneakers tells us such interesting stories as Nike Shox! The starting point for the series set back in 1984, when Nike Air Force 1 creator Bruce Kilgore came up with the idea of installing a mechanical cushioning system in the shoes. Concept of the sneakers were drawn by looking at the details of the astronauts' costumes and even the rocket designs.

Shoes hit the shelves shoe only in 2000 and the last design strokes were put together by another Nike designer, Eric Avar. This is how the Nike Shox BB4 Basketball shoes were born. The letters BB in the name represented the word basketball, and the number 4 stood for the four "columns" that formed the basis of the Shox shoes. Vince Carter created one of the brightest highlights of the Nike Shox series history - at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he literally jumped 2.18m. a giant from France, Frederic Weis. This dunk got very famous name, "Le Dunk de la Mort", which means "The dunk of death".

Another famous version of the series is the Nike Shox R4, which was designed for runners and their foot protection. It is quite interesting that these shoes became bodybuilders favorite in Italy.

In general, the Nike Shox series of shoes is associated with a wide variety of cultures - in Northern Europe these shoes were worn by football fans and in the United Kingdom they became an attribute of Grime music genre.

These days, Nike Shox shoes are for leisure and we can spot celebrities like Drake, Neymar, Shakira, Mark Wahlberg or Kevin Durant rocking them.

Synthetic leather

Dirbtinė oda

Synthetic leather
Does not stretch
Stronger, lighter, more durable than natural leather 
Recognizable of a flat surface and granular levels of edges (cut the skin)
Cloth dampened with cold water with a little soap, gently clean the surface. Clean immediately after wearing, long dirt absorbent. Allow the surface to dry naturally.
Do not soak in water!
Do not wash with a washing machine and put in the hot-air dryers!
Do not tumble drainage!

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Size Chart

32 1 0.5 20 32
33 1.5 1 20.5 33
33.5 2 1.5 21 33.5
34 2.5 2 21.5 34
35 3 2.5 22 35
35.5 3.5 3 22.5 35.5
36 4 3.5 23 36
36.5 4.5 4 23.5 36.5
37.5 5 4.5 23.5 37.5
38 5.5 5 24 38
38.5 6 5.5 24 38.5
39 6.5 6 24.5 39
40 7 6 25 40
Toe To Back Of Heel