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adidas Dame 6

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Loyalty is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of the Trail Blazers leader Damian Lillard. The basketball player has been loyal to Portland since the start of his NBA career, and has been on adidas side since childhood. So becoming a part of this company has become a real dream come true for Damian, and all that there is to say about his name in basketball shoes.

The sixth silhouette of the Lillard basketball shoe series, adidas Dame 6, speaks about the versatile personality of the basketball player on and off the court. "The Shoe embodies the interesting identity of Lillard. Stories about it will be told from both sides of the shoe," adidas designer Jimi Taylor explained.

The basketball player himself was actively involved in the design of the signature basketball shoes and also enjoyed a great connection with the adidas team of creators: In his words, Lillard said that “When they designed my shoes, I often came and watched the process. A strong understanding between us was crucial to our success. They listened to me and conveyed the stories I wanted to tell."

Lillard does not lack ambitions both on and off the court - he is not only a rapper but also a businessman. He always seeks the highest positions in whatever he does. adidas Dame 6 shoes pays homage for this characteristic of Damian Lillard. The basketball player wanted his signature silhouette to be an inspiration to others, so you can fiercely plow their way toward their dreams. “Not only on the court but also in life, I compete with others and do it with actions, not words. I try to take every opportunity,” Lillard said.

Compared to the previous model of the series, the adidas Dame 6 shoes are slightly lower. Also, for the first time, LIGHTSTRIKE technology was used. It is a lightweight midsole that provides balance and responsiveness during intense games. Lateral parts of the shoe were redesigned to ensure foot safety during fast-paced games.



Lightweight and breathable
Of nylon or polyester fiber
Knitted or woven in a variety of patterns
Grid eyes are bigger or smaller, they allow air to move
The excellent air permeability commonly used for making shoes for athletes
Cloth dampened with cold water with a little soap, gently clean the surface.
Clean immediately after wearing, long dirt absorbent.
Allow the surface to dry naturally.
Do not soak in water!
Do not wash with a washing machine and put in the hot-air dryers!
Do not tumble draining!

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Size Chart

38.5 6 5.5 24
39 6.5 6 24.5
40 7 6.5 25
40.5 7.5 7 25.5
41 8 7.5 6
42 8.5 8 26.5
42.5 9 8.5 27
43 9.5 9 27.5
44 10 9.5 28
44.5 10.5 10 28.5
45 11 10.5 29
46 11.5 11 29.5
46.5 12 11.5 30
47 12.5 12 30.5
48 13 12.5 31
48.5 13.5 13 31.5
49 14 13.5 32
50.5 15 14.5 33
51 16 15.5 33.5
52.5 17 16.5 34.5
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