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New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 casual style sneakers are an interpretation of the 70s style, famous for its simplicity, which the company presented to the modern street style of today. Almost all design details for the New Balance 327 sneakers were borrowed from the NB archives and iconic 70s-era running shoes. The oversized “N” logo on the shoes was inspired by the New Balance 320 - these were the first shoes of the company to have this design detail. Perhaps the most interesting and eye-catching accent of the New Balance 327 style is the extended rubber sole, which extends almost to the collar. The designers borrowed this detail from another historical model - the New Balance 355 silhouette for trail running. Sporty design sneakers were designed for everyday wear and leisure style. The upper part of the sneakers is covered and the dynamic style is dictated by suede details. The New Balance 327 sneakers sole is also unique, which is extremely large and quite wide, so you will feel stable while traveling or walking. Retro-style casual shoes combine classic New Balance design details with modern technologies. Such a duo is simply doomed to success in today’s sneaker culture!
Suede leather


Rough / polished surface
Durable, comfortable, durable and breathable
Adapts to the foot shape, but in the long run loose fit
Identification of the rough surface and rough edges (cut the skin)
If wet mud is on the shoes, let them get dry and clean away the mud.
Use cleaning tools only of certificated brands, specialized only for suede: erasers, brushes, sponges. Shoes have to be dry - it is very important. 
Do not dry shoes on the radiator and other heating devices. Put crease peace of paper and let dry naturally: do not use dark paper for light colour shoes.
It is recommended to avoid wet weather conditions.
Impregnate shoes properly. Three times for the new one, in order to protect shoes from the water. Later it is recommended to impregnate shoes every day before using shoes. Use cleaning tools only of certificated brands and specialized only for suede.