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New Balance 850

In 1996, the New Balance company was looking for ideas on how to create shoes that would appeal to young people. Young designer Stephanie Howard was invited to this task, who gladly took up the work. Stephanie was the youngest employee of the company at the time. The ideas of the youthful girl were implemented together with the team and thus gave birth to the New Balance 850 shoes.

After a 23-year hiatus, in 2019, New Balance 850 casual shoes are back to extend their history! The sneakers reflect the colorful style of the 90s, so we will not be mistaken in saying that the New Balance 850 is a living classic.

The New Balance 850 sneakers are highlighted by vibrant shapes and lines that reveal the iconic New Balance style.

New Balance ABZORB

New Balance ABZORB
Abzorb New Balance top of the line foam techology consists of consistent cell wall thickness, uniform cell size and  cell shape which helps to resist compression set.


Synthetic leather

Dirbtinė oda

Synthetic leather
Does not stretch
Stronger, lighter, more durable than natural leather 
Recognizable of a flat surface and granular levels of edges (cut the skin)
Cloth dampened with cold water with a little soap, gently clean the surface. Clean immediately after wearing, long dirt absorbent. Allow the surface to dry naturally.
Do not soak in water!
Do not wash with a washing machine and put in the hot-air dryers!
Do not tumble drainage!