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Heading to the tennis court? By properly selecting a tennis shoe, it will reduce the chances of injury. It is very important that tennis shoes are chosen according to the surface of the tennis court. Different courts demand different types of grip. Strong grip allows you to sprint, stop more abruptly, change direction and avoid injuries. The sole of the shoes suitable for the ground cover has a denser pattern and the lateral sides of the shoes are stronger.

Artificial grass cover requires tennis shoes with a slightly protruding sole pattern, and for hard courts, universal shoes with a sparser sole pattern are suitable. Also, playing on a hard surface requires a softer sole because the surface itself is very hard and puts a heavy load on the feet during the game. Save your time and buy new tennis shoes online!

Lympo Shop offers you a large selection of tennis shoes, like Nike and adidas tennis shoes for men and women. Worldwide shipping of up to 7 days. On the page of each tennis shoe product, you will find a table of sizes recommended by the manufacturer to help you choose the right size.

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