Privacy Policy

I. General provisions

1. Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions) regulate the procedure for the collection, storage and usage of Personal Data of the Consumer which uses the services provided by Sportclothes, LTD which headquarter is Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, legal entity code 302750231 (hereinafter referred to as the Company).
2. The definitions used in these Provisions shall correspond to the definitions defined in the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the Law).


II. The procedure for the collection, storage and usage of personal data

3. The Consumer, purchasing goods on the e-shop, agrees that the following Personal Data would be processed by the Company: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, delivery address, and IP address. These Personal Data shall be submitted by the Consumer to the Company.
4. The Company confirms that Personal Data provided by the Consumer shall be processed only for the purpose of providing the Consumer with the appropriate services on the e-shop and for the direct marketing purposes in order to offer or inform the Consumers of the Company and its webpage visitors about the services provided by the Company (alone or together with its partners) and/or promotions or applied discounts for the goods, to congratulate the Customers of the Company and its website visitors on public and private holidays.
5. The Company shall undertake not to disclose the Consumer's Personal Data to the third parties, except for the partners of the Company providing goods delivery or other services ordered by the Consumer, and the law enforcement authorities in accordance with the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
6. The Consumer shall have these rights:
a) upon the request to the Company to familiarize with his/her Personal Data owned by the Company in writing. Information to the Consumer shall be sent to the email address given by him/her;
b) upon the request to the Company to receive the information in written from which sources and what Personal Data is collected, for which purpose it is processed, to which data recipients it is provided and has been provided at least during the last 1 (one) year. Information to the Consumer shall be sent to the email address given by him/her;
c) not to give consent that his/her Personal Data would be processed. In this case, the Consumer shall not have the possibility to purchase the goods on the e-shop of the Company.
7. Personal identity document and Customer’s data contained therein submitted to the Employee of the Company, AB Lietuvos Paštas, courier service or the Centre of Receiving Goods while receiving the goods shall be used only for the proper identification of the person’s identity.
8. By means of internal organizational and technical measures the Company shall ensure that the Personal Data provided by the Customer to the Company would be protected against any unlawful actions: the unlawful alteration, disclosure or destruction of Personal Data, identity theft, fraud and the level of the protection of Personal Data would comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Personal Data shall be stored in the Company for 5 years.
9. The Consumer shall agree in advance that the Company has the right to keep his/her personal data on the server as long as it is necessary according to the peculiarities of the activities of the Company if submitted by the Consumer data was: 1) used in the  acts of unlawful interference; 2) there was suspicion of identity theft or other violation, because of which there has been or will be started investigation by the relevant law enforcement authorities; 3) for other legitimate purposes to keep Personal Data. Such data shall be erased upon the receipt of legal instructions from the law enforcement or other authorized institutions.
10. Any request or instruction related to the processing of Personal Data must be submitted to the Company by the Consumer in one of the following ways in writing: 1) by submitting such request or instruction to the Company directly at the correspondence address V. Putvinskio g. 50A Kaunas, 2) by sending such an application or instruction to the email address Upon the receipt of such consumer's request or instruction the Company shall reply to the Consumer and perform or refuse to perform the actions specified in the request within 30 (thirty) calendar days.
11. In order to provide the Consumer with the full range of e-shop services, cookies may be stored on the Consumer's computer (device). The Consumer has the possibility to review what information (Cookies) the Company stores and can delete some or all the stored Cookies.

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